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Upgrade your computer with new and reliable computer parts.  Visit Computer Trader in Hobart, or view our current stock and prices online today A-GRADE RAM MEMORY Incl GST
Team/Corsiar/Kingston WE FIT RAM (please enquire)
DDR4  (for 6th-9th gen) 16Gb $150                     8Gb $80                      4Gb $30    
DDR3  (2010 to 2015) 8Gb $90            4Gb $50  
DDR4  SoDIMM (laptop) 8Gb $90                      4Gb $50     
DDR3/L SoDIMM (laptop) 8Gb $90            4Gb  $50          
USB Memory Stick assorted types and sizes  
STORAGE   (fitting service available)
SSD  SATA ***Sandisk/Lexar/Kingston 3yr wty***        240Gb $85     480Gb $145       
(other types pls ask) ***Samsung / Intel ***     1Tb QVO $220    2Tb QVO $440  
  Intel 1Tb M.2 NVMe $240         Crucial M.2 SATA 1Tb $240   500Gb $140  
HDD  3.5" SATA3   1Tb  $90            3Tb  $145          5Tb  $240 (to order)           8Tb  $380 (to order)   
EXTERNAL HDD Toshiba/Maxtor/LaCie Porsche USB3 portable       1Tb / 2Tb / 3Tb / 4Tb  
BURNERS LG or SAMSUNG SATA DVD BURNER incl software                  $35
  External DVD Burners from $59         
Legacy Drives 1.44Mb 3.5" USB floppy drive $39      
LG, Philips 27"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI/HDMI True HD - LG $290
  24"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI/HDMI True HD  $220
  21.5"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI True HD $179
  18.5"  Wide 1366 768 VGA $79
LAPTOP Replacement Laptop Screens            "A Grade" new screens from $250 fitted            Used screens from $190 fitted  
USED used  LCD  monitors  with  WARRANTY               (from) $85
NBN WiFi Routers and Wireless Access Points  from $40
  Wireless Antennas and Signal Boosters and Repeaters  
  Ethernet Cables, Switches, USB and PCI adapters  
Sound PCI and USB  (from) $15
I/O CARDS USB3, FIREWIRE, serial, parallel, SCSI, SATA, etc  (please enquire) from  $25
Professional Graphics ATI FirePro and nVidia QUADRO workstation graphics cards $ask
PCI Express Video Cards 8Gb GDDR6 PCIe DisplayPort, HDMI  - GeFORCE  RTX 2080 (650W psu) Gigabyte $1,300
  8Gb GDDR6 PCIe DisplayPort, HDMI  - GeFORCE  RTX 2070 (650W psu) Gigabyte $900
  6Gb GDDR6 PCIe DisplayPort, HDMI  - GeFORCE  RTX 2060 (550W psu) Gigabyte $600
  6Gb GDDR5 PCIe 3xDisplayPort, HDMI - GeFORCE  GTX 1660 (requires 450W psu)  $475
  4Gb GDDR5 PCIe with HDMI, DVI, DP (no VGA) GeFORCE  GTX  1650   (requires 300W)  $310
  4Gb GDDR5 PCIe with HDMI, DVI, DP (no VGA) GeFORCE  GTX  1050ti   (requires 300W)  $265
  2Gb GDDR5  PCIe with HDMI, DVI (no VGA) - GeFORCE GT1030 (fanless, 300W psu) $165
  1Gb DDR3  PCIe with HDMI, DVI, VGA - GeFORCE GT710 (fanless, low profile) $75
Gigabyte  H370  s1151 full ATX for 8th+ gen Intel CPU $200
Gigabyte  H310m  s1151 mATX for 8th+ gen Intel CPU $125
Gigabyte  H110m  s1151 Intel H110 chipset for older s1151 Intel CPU $110
INTEL CPU (boxed, 3 yr Australian warranty)
  INTEL CORE i9  9900KF not incl hetasink or fan (to order)  
  INTEL CORE i7  s1151  incl Intel heatsink and fan  
  INTEL CORE i5  s1151   incl Intel heatsink and fan  
  INTEL Pentium  Gold s1151  incl Intel heatsink and fan  
ATX  Case  USB3 front panel E31 Midi Tower  $90          Antec Mini Tower  $80          Micro Tower/Desktop with 350W $75  
ATX  Gaming Case Thermaltake Cube   $145        Gigabyte C200 Glass  $135          
LAPTOP Power Adapters Toshiba, HP, Dell etc, also universal types     
UPS 750VA UPS  3x battery backed outlet, 3x surge protect, E/net surge, usb shutdown      
Power Supplies 650W 80+ $130      550W 80+ $110       450W 80+ $75       500W basic p/s $49