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Upgrade your computer with new and reliable computer parts.  Visit Computer Trader in Hobart, or view our current stock and prices online today A-GRADE RAM MEMORY Incl GST
Team/Corsiar/Kingston WE FIT RAM (please enquire)
DDR4  (for 6th-9th gen) 16Gb $140                     8Gb $70                      4Gb $30    
DDR3  (2010 to 2015) 8Gb $70            4Gb $40  
DDR4  SoDIMM (laptop) 8Gb $90                      4Gb $50     
DDR3/L SoDIMM (laptop) 8Gb $70            4Gb  $50          
USB Memory Stick assorted types and sizes  
STORAGE   (fitting service available)
SSD  SATA ***Sandisk/WD/Kingston 3yr wty***        240Gb $60     480Gb $110     960Gb $210  
(M.2 and mSata pls ask) ***Samsung ***    250Gb EVO $110     500Gb EVO $155    1Tb QVO $210    2Tb QVO (to order) $365
NVME (to order) 250Gb $95   480Gb $150        Samsung 970EVO   250Gb $145   500Gb $200   1Tb $390  
HDD  3.5" SATA3   1Tb $79       2Tb $110       3Tb $145       5Tb $220            ***Toshiba***  
EXTERNAL HDD Toshiba/Maxtor/LaCie Porsche USB3 portable       1Tb / 2Tb / 3Tb / 4Tb  
BURNERS LG or SAMSUNG SATA DVD BURNER incl software                  $30
  External DVD Burners from $49         
Legacy Drives 1.44Mb 3.5" USB floppy drive $39      
LG, Philips 27"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI/HDMI True HD - LG $275
  24"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI/HDMI True HD  $199
  21.5"  Wide 1920x1080 VGA/DVI True HD $159
  18.5"  Wide 1366 768 VGA $79
LAPTOP Replacement Laptop Screens            "A Grade" new screens from $250 fitted            Used screens from $190 fitted  
USED used  LCD  monitors  with  WARRANTY               (from) $85
NBN WiFi Routers and Wireless Access Points  from $40
  Wireless Antennas and Signal Boosters and Repeaters  
  Ethernet Cables, Switches, USB and PCI adapters  
Sound PCI and USB  (from) $15
I/O CARDS USB3, FIREWIRE, serial, parallel, SCSI, SATA, etc  (please enquire) from  $25
TV / Video Input please enquire  
Professional Graphics ATI FirePro and nVidia QUADRO workstation graphics cards $ask
PCI Express Video Cards 6Gb GDDR5 PCIe DisplayPort, HDMI  - GeFORCE  RTX 2060 (high output psu) Gigabyte $660
  6Gb GDDR5 PCIe 3xDisplayPort, HDMI - GeFORCE  GTX 1660 (requires 450W psu)  $450
  4Gb GDDR5 PCIe with HDMI, DVI, DP (no VGA) GeFORCE  GTX  1650   (requires 300W)  $310
  2Gb GDDR5 PCIe with HDMI, DVI, DP (no VGA) GeFORCE  GTX  1050   (requires 300W)  $250
  2Gb GDDR5  PCIe with HDMI, DVI (no VGA) - GeFORCE GT1030 (fanless, 300W psu) $150
  1Gb DDR3  PCIe with HDMI, DVI, VGA - GeFORCE GT710 (fanless, low profile) $70
Gigabyte  H370  s1151 full ATX for 8th gen Intel CPU $200
Gigabyte  H310m  s1151 mATX for 8th gen Intel CPU $125
Gigabyte  H110m  s1151 Intel H110 chipset for s1151 Intel CPU, All Solid Caps, 4xSATA3(6Gbps), 1xPCIe16g3 slot, 2xPCIe1,  4xUSB3(2+2), 6xUSB2(2+2+2), 2xDDR4 RAM sockets, HD audio, Gb ethernet,  integrated HDMI / VGA video $110
INTEL CPU (boxed, 3 yr Australian warranty, genuine Intel fan)
  INTEL CORE i7  s1151  $599
  INTEL CORE i5  s1151  $399
  INTEL Pentium  s1151 tba
ATX  Case  USB3 front panel E31 Midi Tower with 500w 80+ $160          E23 Mini Tower with 450W 80+ $110          Micro Tower/Desktop with 350W $75
ATX  Gaming Case G30 Tower USB3, SD, SATA dock, fan speed, no psu $110            C20 Cube USB3, SD and uSD, fan sped, no psu $120            
LAPTOP Power Adapters Toshiba, HP, Dell etc, also universal types     
UPS 750VA UPS  3x battery backed outlet, 3x surge protect, E/net surge, usb shutdown       $165  
Power Supplies 800W 80+ $tba      550W 80+ $140      500W 80+ $110      450W 80+ $70       500W basic p/s $40